The Compy Though I was a Windows user for years, I'm now a devoted Mac lover. Not once have I regretted switching.

The Coding Pretty much everything I know about coding I learned from reading Idocs, looking at other people's source code (but not copying it!), and googling whatever elements I didn't understand. I write all my own HTML and CSS in TextEdit. I don't, however, know PHP (outside of includes and simple stuff like that). If anyone knows a good place to learn it, by all means, tell me about it!

The Graphics Everything I make is done in Photoshop. Spendy, yes, but it's worth every cent. The graphics I use are copyright the character/fandom owners, who are not me, unless otherwise noted. As far as fonts go, I'm a total DaFont whore. They've got tons of free fonts in a multitude of styles. I could spend (and have spent) hours just browsing everything.

The Sitely All of my sites are registered with and hosted by Dreamhost and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. My FTP client is Fetch - got it for the cute puppy; kept it for the awesomeness. And the cute puppy. Seriously, he's adorable.